The most important service and the least costly service that you can perform to maximize the lifetime of your automobile is a periodic oil and oil filter service. Many modern automobiles recommend 7500 or longer oil change intervals. Some automobiles calculate their oil change interval based upon internal sensors

which report engine operating temperatures, miles driven, time elapsed and other indicators. Some automobiles require synthetic, extended life oil and some recommend organic (dinosaur) oil. There are many grades and performance characteristics of oil to choose from. At Elevation Auto, we understand that advances made in lubrication technology, oil filtering technology and the sophisticated engineering and metallurgy advancements in modern automobile engines make extended oil change schedules possible.

In spite of these recommendations, Elevation Auto recommends oil and oil filter service at 3000 mile intervals. We use only OEM oil filters and Valvoline Oil in the specified grade/weight/viscosity for your car. Please understand that this recommendation is made through years of professional observation and personal use in terms of engine performance and engine longevity - - and oil/filter service is not a very profitable endeavor for us - - we just believe that it is the essential quality ingredient of long engine life.