Brakes and Suspension on your Subaru Automobile

The brakes on your Subaru automobile are the primary safety concern for your car. Keeping the brake rotors, discs and pads on Subaru cars in good working order is our forte. When it comes to brake repair on your Subaru automobiles, you won’t find a better shop anywhere in the Colorado Springs area than Elevation Auto. Because we believe that the folks that manufactured your Subaru automobile knew what they were doing, we use only Genuine Subaru brake pads on your Subaru vehicles. In addition to standard brake pad replacement, Elevation Auto also offers rotor resurfacing and replacement, brake master cylinder replacement, and ABS (anti-lock brake system) diagnostics and servicing for your Subaru automobile. We also perform 4 wheel alignments and tune suspensions for Subaru vehicles, using an excellent line of shock absorbers, struts and steering parts, to keep your Subaru vehicle in top shape.