Check Engine Light for Nissan Cars

The "Check Engine" light on a Nissan instrument panel is a signal from the Electronic Control Module (ECM), or onboard computer, that can indicate any number faults involving the drivability of Nissan and Infinity vehicles: bad catalytic converter, faulty oxygen sensors, distributor failure, a manifold leak, a problem with the electrical system, or any number of other concerns. By allowing Elevation Auto’s highly trained technical staff to diagnose the Nissan ECM codes, you can rest assured that your Nissan or Infinity vehicle will be running at its optimum performance level. This insures dependability, safety and fuel efficiency that you have come to expect. We can diagnose, repair and reset the "Check Engine" light on any Nissan car, Nissan van, Nissan truck, Nissan SUV or Infinity vehicle. This keeps your Nissan and Infinity vehicles in complete compliance with all regulations and recommended maintenance schedules.